Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Timed Writing

Divide.  share, split, separate,  break into separate parts,  this word can be used in sharing food with your children or siblings, like dividing a piece of cake, or dividing a room,  In math, we use divide to manipulate numbers, a process to separate a number into equal portions. there is a divisor, and a dividend, and in some cases, a remainder.    there is short division, and long division, which is more complicated and involved.   long division is hard to do and remember for those of us who have been using calculators and computers for so long.   division can also refer to difference in opinions in a family,  or a company, or a group, where the people are not agreeing and there are different groups separated on a topic.  there is no in between, you are divided,  there is no unity, you are separated in where you stand on the topic.  happens in politics,  or controversial issues.   usually a negative thing in business.

Zero.   this is a mathematical representation of a quantity of nothing.   it is in the centre of the number line, and is the middle point between negative and positive numbers.   Zero is nothing,  and is written like a big "O" when you first learn how to write it.    Zero is the name of some laundry detergent for washing clothes in cold water, I think.   Zero is the number we start counting from, sometimes, especially when doing a countdown.    I think zero is a beautiful number.    In computer science, zero sometimes is written with a line diagonally across it so as to not confuse it with the letter O.   Sometimes in our phone numbers,  or credit card or other numbers, people will call zero an O, but most will understand it is number not the letter.

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