Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lesson Plan: What you can do with your chopsticks wrapper while you're waiting for your food to arrive.

How long?
Ask, "what do you do with them (chopsticks wrapper)?"  Don't waste them! 
2 minutes
sushi restaurant menu
Learning Objectives
Students will learn how to make 3 fun things with their chopsticks wrapper.

Teaching Objectives
Engage and maintain group interest despite possibly noisy room. 

"Has anyone done this before?".  Ask each student to pick one of the 3 things they want to make this lesson, pass out one wrapper each. 
1 minute

Participating Learning
show how to make:
1. chopsticks rest
2. party blower
3. learner chopsticks

5 minutes
elastic bands,
some chopsticks
ask students to demo what they made.  Ask, "how can you modify this to make it different?".
2 minutes

Summary and Wrapup
"This is a great way to entertain others before the food comes,  and it's useful!  "
1 minute
menu, display of final products made by students

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