Monday, September 20, 2010

Questions for Math Teachers and Students

Teacher Burning Questions:
  1. How do you know whether or not students are "getting it" during class time? If a student still does not "get it" after you explain a few times what do you do?
  2.  What do you do if a student is too shy or embarrassed to ask for further clarification when everyone else in the class seems to get it?
  3.  How much time do you feel you need to spend on class preparation?
  4.  Do you have any methods, which help make a Math lesson more interesting and easier for students to understand?
  5.  When you mark your students’ tests, which aspect is more important: the correct number (as an answer) or the method which students use to obtain the answer?

Student Burning Questions

  1. What intimidates you most about math?
  2. What do you normally do when you don't understand something during class time?
  3. What do you like most about your teachers? Least?
  4.  Do you like studying Math (yes or no)? Why?
  5.  What do you wish your teacher would do in order to help you study Math better?

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